Polyphony of the Ancient Breed

by Noisesaurus

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released January 1, 2017

Music: The Paleontologist
Art: Wraith



all rights reserved


Noisesaurus Roubaix, France

Dinosaur Noise/NSBM Project! Dinosaur Segregation,Blood, Valor, and Hate Speech!

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Track Name: Scatologist With a Secret
Signified by the red lining on the top of this here sample,
this velociraptor had contracted a reptilian form of hepatitis,
and from the smell (ahhhh the smell) this little dino ate lots of hatchlings,
for his love was a harlot and this sample is a gift

I have a problem,
the aroma of this smells so good,
from the sight of a megalithic fly,
I read the seams in violet themes

Coprolite mucus lining,
dried in the pores of ordural binding,
I have a problem,
as to what came out of this dino's bottom

Like a vector,
I synthesize,
what once was,
a round ball of food,
now in the form of a bile like brew,
Don't waste a thing,
Eat, Pray, Love
Track Name: Dinosaur Blood
We once walked upon the earth,
before you creations of mirth,
you fickle fapping humanoids,
evolved from apes and turds

We're coming for you and we want you out,
You will be our slaves in labour to us,
We will watch you shower and shit,
We are the blood and we are the crips

Watch your mouth fapping human,
at the art gallery talking like a redneck that just had a labotamy,
you gotta be home by 10,
because we dinos are going to get you to bed

We want to segregate dinos and humans,
at the movies, parks, and water fountains,